Equity and Inclusion

Natural Resource and Environmental Protection –
Tapping our Next Generation of Caretakers

Why is recruitment of people of color important to our “industry”?

Why does it matter to the CONSERVATION COMMUNITY?

By 2050, people of color will be the majority in America. We need to make sure this population cares for our natural places, quality of life and environment wherever their days are spent. Every land conservation organization in the nation recognizes these facts and are working to diversify the makeup of the movement that will protect our biodiversity.

Across New Jersey, we have an amazing number of individuals and organizations looking after our environment and the quality of our lives – people, plants and wildlife. This work may not stand the test of time unless we ensure that future generations care about this work, care about our communities and can participate in the economy of our work.

OEA Girls on Hillside

Why SHOULD these issues be important to COMMUNITIES OF COLOR?

Local environment is important, while it is often perceived that the “environment” is “out there somewhere”, most of the pressing environmental issues today occur in our Cities where the majority of people of color live, work and spend their free time. Air emissions, particulate matter, lead pipes and paint, heat islands, recurring floods and limited access to fresh food sources are quality of life issues that will be addressed more responsibly and fervently by those who live there, with proper training, expertise, and in some cases compensation.