Desmond Hayes of GeoGreens

Partner Spotlight: Desmond Hayes, GeoGreens

This month’s OEA partner is Desmond Hayes, Founder of GeoGreens. Desmond joined us for the Juneteenth Black Farmer’s Market, where he shared the mission and work of his company. GeoGreens is a farm that uses Hydroponics, a process that uses water and nutrients, instead of soil, to produce crops. By employing this method, he can farm indoors – using grow lights and 90% less water than conventional farming techniques. Desmond started GeoGreens after continually seeing fallout of unhealthy food choices, and their consequences, proliferated in vulnerable communities.

Located in Trenton, the GeoGreens facility is able to grow and provide food for people that have had to choose convenience over quality. The core mission of GeoGreens is to eliminate reasons why people are forced to eat unhealthily – which is first and foremost access to healthy eating. In addition to working with restaurants and other entities, GeoGreens is doing great community outreach – especially by creating opportunities to teach the local community about what he does and how healthy eating and unhealthy eating affects their lives. The Outdoor Equity Alliance is excited to continue this partnership with GeoGreens as they join us in more programs and projects, including OEA Agrihood Internship Project 2.0 coming in spring of 2023.

Learn more about Desmond’s work now >>

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