Alex Rivera and Upward Bound participants

Upward Bound Agrihood Program Kick-off

This past Saturday (10/5) we kicked off our latest Agrihood Program with a group of great new interns from the Upward Bound Program at MCCC. We played a team-building game where the interns created skits imagining they were farmers living in the year 2522.

This is the first time that the OEA has piloted a condensed version of one of our internships. Run similarly to our regular 10-12-week spring internships, this program is just 5 weeks long and consists of 4 ZOOM sessions, 1 orientation session, and 2 field trips. This allows us to customize a program within a larger program and populate it with just interns from that larger program.

Upward Bound was a great candidate for this smaller internship because it was already structured and we were able to nicely blend into their mission and curriculum. The interns from Upward Bound are motivated and committed to learning and some are interested in applying to our Agrihood 2.0 Internship which begins in spring 2023. In next month’s newsletter, we will post the conclusion of this internship program but if you want a sneak peek at what is going on, please check out our social media.

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